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CV Fox has three searches in one, an X-Ray search, a Title Search and a Body Search.

Be sure that when you conduct a search, you check all three before you try another search term. This is the most thorough way of getting the most results. To do this, you MUST USE THE REFINEMENT TABS - all you need to do is click on them, one at a time and see the different results! In total, you will get three completely different sets of results. There may be some overlap. The real power is in the refinements. Be sure to use them!

The three very basic types of searches are:

  1. X-ray search - an X-Ray search scans specific sites which are known to be rich in resumes. This is the default search and the first one conducted by CV Fox.
  2. Title Search - This search finds documents with resume, CV, or Curriculum Vitae in their title.
  3. Body Search - Scours the web for documents rich in common words found in resumes and excluding others. Title search and body search tabs each eliminate "LinkedIn" results.

Resumes can be found in various places on a website, often you can uncover a directory of resumes, or you find them in the title or URL of a document. For searching for keyword phrases, you can often find them in the actual body, or text of a document. Therefore we have built the following extra searches:

  • Directories of Documents
  • Document title
  • Document URL
  • Document Text

>>>Search by the above parameters...

We have expanded this to search by document type, so you can find documents that are in the most common formats for CVs:

  • MS Word
  • RTF (Rich Text File)
  • PDF (Adobe Acrobat)
  • TXT (Plain Text)
  • XLS - Sometimes you can find contacts in databases made with MS Excel - worth a try as a last resort!

Finally, we have built some search tools for finding candidates in a couple of unique ways:

  • Email - find them by email, or sniff email addresses at a target company
  • Business and/or social networks - find them by their listings on popular business networks. Search them all from one search, or x-ray the sites individually from this portal.

If you have any suggestions as to how we can make this resume search engine better, please contact us!

Find CVs (résumés) from all over the web. The ultimate Recruiter tool.

The one site that is dedicated to scouring the Internet for CVs (resumes) and has the most candidate-seeking and people finding tools in one place.

Recruiters know that sometimes the best candidates are passive candidates who are not currently and actively seeking work. Many of the candidates on the leading databases already have their resume floating around, and often have been submitted to multiple clients by a number of headhunters. CV Fox will give you the edge in finding candidates - for free.

To get the best results, try all of our search tools. (See the instruction page.)
You will get initial results and then 2 types of refinement from our basic search, but it does not end there. If you cannot find the person you are looking for, then go advanced!