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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different searches?

The main search (Wide Book Search) has four choices:

  • Directories of résumés
  • Document titles likely to contain résumés
  • URLs which have terms commonly associated with résumés
  • Document Text

These four searches look for documents with your keywords in them and add them to our Boolean string designed to extract the highest number of résumés or electronic documents containing your keyword(s).

  • Directories: This search will find directories with what you may be looking for.
  • Document Titles: This search will find documents with your keyword for their title.
  • URLs: This search will find a URL with your keyword in it.
  • Text: This search will find documents with your keyword in the text - good for finding a passage.

Searching by Document Type

CVs (résumés) are almost never written in HTML, and most frequently appear in the following document types:

  • DOC (Microsoft Word Document)
  • RTF (Rich Text File)
  • pdf (Adobe Acrobat)
  • TXT (Plain text document)

Most ebooks appear in pdf (Acrobat) or chm format. Sometimes it is enough to look for a document in the .pdf format to find exactly what you are looking for. You almost always find something interesting. Many books also appear in txt format - especially books for school age children.

How can I make this search engine find my candidates?

As we expand the free service, we will make it possible for recruiters to put their top candidates up where they can share the commission with other recruiters for hard to find people.

Also, if you are a candidate you should always put your resume out online someplace where the free online tools such as CV Fox can find your CV. We will be putting up a forum in the very near future that will enable people to upload their resume so that it can be easily indexed and found by recruiters searching for candidates on the web.

Find CVs (résumés) from all over the web. The ultimate Recruiter tool.

The one site that is dedicated to scouring the Internet for CVs (resumes) and has the most candidate-seeking and people finding tools in one place.

Recruiters know that sometimes the best candidates are passive candidates who are not currently and actively seeking work. Many of the candidates on the leading databases already have their resume floating around, and often have been submitted to multiple clients by a number of headhunters. CV Fox will give you the edge in finding candidates - for free.

To get the best results, try all of our search tools. (See the instruction page.)
You will get initial results and then 2 types of refinement from our basic search, but it does not end there. If you cannot find the person you are looking for, then go advanced!